How It's Made

The production process of dripping chicken essence

  1.  切割(泡入-5C 冰水 15 分鐘,為雞隻立刻降溫,鎖住原味保持鮮度) Cut (soak in -5C ice water for 15 minutes to immediately cool the chickens, lock in the original flavor and maintain freshness)

  2. 分裝(將切割好的雞肉分級包裝後送入零下 35 度急凍保存)
    Divide packaging (pack the cut chicken in grades and then send it to minus 35 degrees for  freezing and storage)

  3. 精工萃取(採用日本最新萃取機械與技術,鎖住每一滴精華及香氣;同時過濾多餘油脂 後,採用不含塑化劑、重金屬之基層袋進行低溫充填,經過高溫殺菌後可常溫保存 2 年, 全程不使用防腐劑)
    Seiko extraction (using the latest Japanese extraction machinery and technology to lock in  every drop of essence and aroma; at the same time, after filtering the excess oil, it is filled with  a base bag that does not contain plasticizes and heavy metals. After high temperature  sterilization, it can be stored at room temperature for 2 years. No preservatives are used  throughout)

  4. 包裝完成 (包裝過程中全面滅菌,可常溫保存,品京揚全面採用食品級鋁箔袋分裝, 隔水加熱即可食用)
    Packaging is complete (full sterilization during the packaging process, can be stored at room  temperature, Pin Jing Yang is fully packaged in food-grade aluminum foil bags, and can be  eaten after heating in water)