Is there a need to store Concentrated Chicken Essence in the fridge?

Nope! It can be stored under normal temperature.

Since your Concentrated Chicken Essence does not contain preservatives, how can it still be stored under normal temperature? Wouldn't the nutrition be lowered if it is not stored under a colder temperature?

Our Concentrated Chicken Essence is free from preservatives. We use temperatures of over 120 degrees Celsius and advanced sterilization sealing method so that no air or micro-organism can enter our packaging. Using safe and reliable seven-layers opaque packaging also further ensure that the freshness, taste and nutrients of our products is well preserved under normal temperature without the need to add any preservatives.

Although our product can last for 2 years it is not to be placed under direct sunlight.

Note: In the unlikely scenario that the product is found to be damaged or the sachet is found to be inflated due to delivery process, please do not consume the product and inform our customer support immediately. We are most glad to offer our assistance to you.